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The Hempsolv Difference

Superior Quality

We work with labs that blend our custom formulas to the highest standards.


Our goal is to create the cleanest, most effective products available at the best prices.

Customer Focused

Customers are involved in our product creation process, helping us test different formulations to determine what works best.

No Junk

Even though many chemical additives, preservatives, and excipients are often considered “safe” by health companies, we think it’s best to leave those out.


Our Mission

Each Hempsolv product is is thoughtfully designed to feature evidence-supported ingredients that work in concert to address the concerns of customers. We aim to create formulations that replace multiple products and leave out the undesirable additives and fillers commonly found in "healthy" products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This is truly magic in a bottle!

I only use oil on my face, since no lotion/moisturizer is able to keep my skin hydrated. None of oils I use compare and there are so many pluses! I’ve used after birth and wow I healed so fast. The wrinkles are less but not gone. Also for small acute eczema patches.

Brenna May
Best calming serum!

I love this for my face when the hormonal acne pops up and especially right now for my pregnant belly! It’s so deeply moisturizing and soothes all itchiness away!

Debbie McBride
Bug Bites

I received this free trial size from The Healing Cave Lady this weekend. I had bug bites everywhere ... I have no idea what happened. I am always susceptible to bug bites but these were different. Usually it's my ankles and legs they attack. I woke up with these on Monday morning and I had clusters of them on my upper body. My arms, shoulders, my scalp, my neck. My shoulders had huge clusters of them. I think I have 150 bites in total. The itching was insane. I figured I would give this serum a shot on my bites and I really think they have shrunk 50% and the ones on my jawline and neck seem to be completely gone! I don't know if this was intended for bug bites but it worked for me!!

Linda M
Sensational Serum ✨

This formulation is magic. It dampens inflammation wherever applied and nourishes the skin at a cellular level.


The serum is amazing. It helped my eczema and my dry face. The winter is so harsh on my skin and this has helped tremendously.