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We test and develop formulations with the help of our customers...then we make products to the highest quality standards.

Mary--the Healing Cave Lady as she's affectionately known--is a nutritional therapist and licensed esthetician who's been helping people navigate health and wellness challenges for over ten years. By reviewing countless products, investigating a myriad of issues, and coaching others, she has become a trusted source of information for thousands of better health seekers.

Believing that clean supplements can be tools for improved health, Mary partnered up with our other founder, Dan, who had a background in medical science and health products manufacturing. After leaving the medical field in hopes of making a bigger impact, he ended up on one of the first teams working on nutraceutical products incorporating cannabinoids (CBD and others).

Both Mary and Dan saw an opportunity to rethink existing health solutions and deliver better value and efficacy to customers. Together, they are determined to formulate products with pure, functional ingredients that are free from unnecessary additives and incorporate cannabinoids for greater effects.